COMP565 Software Design and Development

Professor Michael Werner - Wentworth Institute of Technology

Spring 2002 Student Projects

Adventure Game Math Tutorial - A program directed at teaching basic arithmetic skills to primary school students in the guise of an adventure game

Gregory Ruzis, Chamel Neme, Isaias Freitas

Web Site Tester - A program to test web sites to see if links are valid, traffic is handled properly, etc.

Steven Kohler, Thong Dam

Prouty Cleaning - A database for a home and office cleaning service

Sergey Bebenin, Gary Bell, Nathaniel Prouty, Keith Santos

Shift Scheduler - A system for providing coverage for a business by scheduling employees into time slots

Ydenyse Sosa

Spring 2001 Student Projects (A matching software as for an employment or dating service)

Khalid Abujubarah, Pete Donadio, Dan Kissam, Jay Prall, Garret Van Dyke

Some sort of web-based project management and time reporting software

Dan Dutra, Pete Krenesky, Terry Lavoie, Michael Spinosa, Eric Thomsen

Parallel Online Resource Network

Michael Bell, Adam Schepis

Riverview Storage

John Krammes , Harold Menard, Victor Morales, Rob Ragusa

Help Desk/Problem Manager, developed by SimchaTek

Colin Adams, Gerald Auguste, David Carreiro, Michael Lamarche, Shirley Wong

Reward-Based CD/DVD On-Line Sales

Heesook Kim, Eric Lam, Ho-Ming Lee, Simon Ng, Thomas Sacco

G-NARC: Generic oNline Administrator for Remote Curriculum - Testing Using the WWW

Naif Alshanbari, Ed Hiltsley, Chris Jubinville, Ray Reyes, Robert Scammon, Greg Stickel,

Spring 2000 Student Projects

OPO - Online Personal Organizer

William Horka, Phea Meas, Mirvat Mira, Michelle Morin, Douglas Picariello

Off-site Project Management and Time Tracking Tool

Kevin Davis, Michael Durand, Marisa Hamilton, Ken Morse, Eric M. York

Intratime - An Intranet Time Tracking Tool

Loren Cole, Anthony Guange, Joyce Ioannidis, Jonathan Lewis, Stephen Ngunjiri, Eric Shelton

Hospital Dietary and Meal Delivery System

Kevin Brown, Wei Tang Chen, Youssef Essaoui, Yong-Hwan Kwon, Virginia Moy, Rodney Nedd

Online Product Locator Proposal - A Web Service to Locate Items For Sale in Nearby Stores

Anthony Cardine, Marc Castrechini, Gabriel Gabaldon, Christopher Lucca, Ralph Valanzuelo

Bug Reporter

Dana Everett, Chuan-Feng Lee, Langdon Lombard, Jansen McNay, Danai Tengtrakool

Work Study Manager

Mamadou Diallo, Zahia Elhajjajy, Liem Lam, David Mwangi, Ninh Vo

Rental Car Management System

Lars Mothander, William Presley, Nicholas Snyder

1999 Student Projects (in COMP585 Software Design II)

Scheduling Rooms For Courses

Sandi Chau, David Hurowitz, Hiromi Mino, William Tran, Pat LaGasse

On-Line Auction Software

Hung Tran, Shawn Sullivan, Bashar Al-Nakhalla

Hotel Reservation System

Sa Ngo, Vu Pham, Shawn Salm,, Ty Truong, Huynh Tuan

Client Satisfaction Survey

Tim D'Apice, Chris Eustace, Jim Soper

Profile-Based Distribution List Generator

James Stark, Lon Barrett, Chrissy Sessions, Danny Yung

1998 Student Projects

 Web Bulletin Board
 PEAMSŪ (Personal Expense Account Management)
 Hotel Reservation Manager