Courses I Teach

Comp120 Computer Science I Using C (Engineering students)

Comp128 Computer Science I (BCOS &BSCN)

Comp201 Computer Science II (BCOS &BSCN)

Comp285 Object-Oriented Programming in Java (BCOS &BSCN)

Comp310 Object-Oriented Data Structures (BCOS)

Comp414 Algorithm Design and Analysis (BCOS)

Comp501 Introduction to Programming Languages (BCOS)

Comp566 Software Design and Development (BCOS &BSCN)

Comp570 Database Applications (BSCN)

Comp602 Bioinformatics Algorithms (BCOS)

Comp613 Computer Graphics (BCOS)

Comp650 Senior Project (BCOS &BSCN)

Comp690 Seminar in Computer and Network Information Systems (BSCN)

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