COMP650 Senior Project in Computer Science

Wentworth Institute of Technology

Prof. M Werner - Coordinator

Summer 2005 Syllabus

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Fall 2007 Project

Lison, J .J. DOS OGRE Old Games, Running Easily

2005 Student Projects

DeJesus, Glaudson PLC Monitor - Database and reporting system for programmable logic controls
Gaffey, Josh Catalyst Web Client - Decision support system for automated factory
Nasta, Anthony  Voice-driven Timecard Management System
Pramuka, Chris  Night Life Tours - Ticketing/reservation system for private bus operator
Stasio, Joseph Caterer - Inventory tracking and management system for food catering companies.
Stuart, Nigel Web-based locator for towed cars
Velez, Santiago TransCom Research paper on front-end improvements in natural language translation.


2004 Student Projects

Ali, Asad
Bartomeli, Nick Arthur ULEM Software (Urban League of Eastern Massachusetts) 
Churchill, Jeffrey  Xantaress Game Boy Advance Project
Constant, Nicholas  Set Scheduler for Rock Band
Egan, Michael John Music Requesting System
O'Keefe, Patrick Louis Xantaress Game Boy Advance Project
Shostak, Benjamin N Grim Repo - Multiplayer demolition derby
Van Eron, George Paul GP's Battle C

2003 Student Projects

Best, Serena Counseling Center Tracking
Boulet, Corey M. Planetary Simulator
Currie, James Glass Company Software
Faidell, Brian R. QA Forms Administration
Freitas, Isaias B.S. Medical Clinic Manager
Keene, Matthew W Environmental Equipment Rental
Nguyen, Chau Nail Salon Management
Nicolaou, Steven Integration of GIS System to Environmental Toolkit
Park, Yong-Woo Church Management Software
Reese, Franklin Alex Floppycryption - Encryption Experiments
Theriault, Joseph Will GUI Form Designer for Python
Tricco, Andrew Charles Utility Company Fleet Maintenance
Wan, Bob Household Moving Estimator
Weaver, Casey James Neural Net Testbed
Weeden, Christopher J. Project Artifact Storage and Retrieval

2002 Student Projects

Alqahtani, Hussain M. World Cup Tournament Scorekeeper
Antonov, Vladimir A. Corporation - Multiplayer Networked Simulation Game
Badzak, Ozrenko Java Class Builder- Generates Java Boilerplate
Bebenin, Sergey Y. Universal Messenger - with Santos
Chan, Peggy Personal Interactive Nutrition Tracker (PINT)
Grant, Jeffrey P Convenience Store Cash Register Software
Kohler, Steven D. Neural Net Testbase
Krenesky, Peter B. Thin-Client e-commerce
Lodge-Paolini, Michael 3-D Graphics Engine
Mcewen, Spencer C. Personal Interactive Nutrition Tracker (PINT) - with P Chan
McNally, Jason A. Web-Based Email Client
Moy, Virginia Restaurant Management
Neme, Chemel A. World Cup Betting System
Pham, Phuong H. Classmate email exchang
Prouty, Nathaniel W. Neural Net Testbase - with S. Kohler
Santos, Keith J Universal Messenger - with Bebenin
Tilton Jr, Michael Corporation- Multiplayer Networked Simulation Game - w Antonov
Tran, Thao V. Classmate email exchange - with P Phoung
Tringali, Michael J Convenience Store Cash Register Software - w Grant

2001 Student Projects:

Khalid Abujubarah Parasite - An encryption program
Michael Bell A mail protocol to replace SMTP            
Heesook Kim Wheelchair prescription system
Eric Lam, SimShop         - with Simon Ng
Terry Lavoie Multiplayer artillery simulator -with Eric Thomsen
Harold Menard Basketball scouting software
Victor Morales Jewelry Database and Mangement        
Simon Ng SimShop - with Eric Lam
Okonkwo, Felicia Web-based private phone directory - with Garret VanDyke
Scalia, Joseph Dance studio database
Adam Schepis A guitar tablature editor and player
Eric Thomsen. Multiplayer artillery simulator - with Terry Lavoie
Colin Adams Space Invader in Java - with David Carreiro
Naif Alshanbari Rental Library
Gerald Auguste LIV - Lisp internal viewer -An editor for cons diagrams
David Carreiro Space Invader in Java - with Colin Adams
Pete Donadio Flash card tutoring system for PalmOS - with Dan Kissam
Dan Dutra Internet auction with automatic price rollback
Ed Hiltsley On-line testing software - with Greg Stickel
Dan Kissam Flash card tutoring system for PalmOS - with Peter Donadio
John Krammes   Boat storage database
Michael Lamarche    Community Garage Sale
Ho-Ming Lee Wheel of fortune type game
Jay Prall Color Cop, multi-purpose color picker
Rob Ragusa SCAMM - Software Car Auto Maintenance Manager
Ray Reyes Pong game using Flash5
Thomas Sacco Monsters and Magic: Tom's Remake
Michael Spinosa Mayhem's Madness
Greg Stickel On-line testing software - with Ed Hiltsley
Garret Van Dyke Secret address book - with Felicia Okonkwo
Shirley Wong W.i.t. WhoDunIt - A Wentworth Version of Clue

1999 Student Projects:

1998 Student Projects:

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