COMP566 Software Design and Development

Professor Michael Werner - Wentworth Institute of Technology

Syllabus, Spring '08


Project Guidelines


Object-Oriented Software Engineering: Using UML, Patterns and Java, 2/E

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Bernd Bruegge, Adjunct, Carnegie Mellon University
Allen H. Dutoit, Technical University of Munich

ISBN: 0-13-047110-0
Publisher: Prentice Hall
Copyright: 2004
Format: Cloth; 800 pp
Published: 09/25/2003

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Design Patterns

Model/View Controller

Software disasters

Some Project Suggestions

2008 Group Projects 

Project Apis automate and track hardware, software
Chin, Albert 
Ostashen, Peter P. 
Wong, Gregory J. 
Marcellus, Donardo 
Seth Duda
Ben MacFarlane
Steven Haapaoja
Shawn Chase
Adam King
TMS project Automated Menu System
Angi, David M.
Egan, Ryan L.
Morrow, Glenn A.
Stylianidis, Fivos
Venezia, Joseph M.
Boston Jam - Find the Music
Denys Alvarez
Rakesh Verma
Peter Caron.
Michael Martin
Raymond Finley.
Your Golf Book
Aldrich, Brian J.
Poirier, Nathan C.
Rubin, Stephan B
Swick, Jonathan E.
Restaurant Reservation System
Ryan Nunes
Rich Karasewicz
Jeff Tagliatela
Chris Smeraglinolo
Brent Harnisch
W.I.T. Scheduler
Brylle, Matthew J.
Greene, Jeffrey R.
Zambouras, Jason R.


2007 Group Projects 

AMS - Apartment Messaging System

Pat deCampos

Alan Burnett

Stephen Mullers

Jessica Sigafoos
Boston Folio for Artists
Berenz, Phillip
Dejesus, Carlos M
Giroux, Sam
Rabidou, Ben
Snow, Gregory Allen
Blueprint - Project Management
Dropps, Eric J
Irish, Brian Donald
Perrone, Evan
JEM ASM - Cross platform assembler
Blakely, Jack Matthew
Couture, Jennifer
Keane, Erich John
McCaffrey, Edward H
Tavares, Michael J
Donation Management System
Kumar, Rohit
Mai, Lam Xuan - lead
Nunes, Carl
Knowledge base - customizable
Couto, Douglas Barbosa
Grinblat, Vitaly
Houlares, Nathaniel I.
Levich, Stanislav
Irock - Ipod firmware substitute
Bankowski, Michael Pau
Bornhorst, Jason
Greenberg, Jordan
Roberts, Jason R.

2006 Group Projects 

Typing Tutor for the Visually Impaired
Matt Meuse
Derik Morin
Joe Stephens
EP360 - Medical Prescription Enterprise Software System
Matt Carbone
Sean Kunevich
Heroscape - Automatic Creation of Armies
Michael Charney
Dan Pratico
The Lost Stones - Better RPG Action Adventure Game
Howard Lam
James Lee
Adam Levin
Adrien Pike
Eric Torrey
The Movie Pile
Ryan Allain
Dan Blais
Andrew Solodyna
Boston Night Owl
Jon Bizeur
Peter Card
Linux Utility to Automate Installations on Multiple Machines
Robert Brown
Sarah McGlinchey
Brandon Nardone
Global Thermonuclear War
Joseph Lauzon
Ryan Partridge
Joshua Skuby
Joseph Vartuli
The Badlands: Web Site for Trading Game Cards
Chris O'Connell

2005 Group Projects 

MyCarte Meal Menu Generation
Berman, Brian David
Dunham, Tyson Paul
Harrington, Jeremy Doy
Whitehouse, Colin
Citation Automator
Dejesus, Glaudson Anto
Gaffey, Josh Timothy
Kolash, Joshua Paul
Millien, Jennifer Zoil
BattleFlare - Magical Cards
Blaskey, Christopher P
Cabana, Brandon Walsh
Kanevsky, John
RPG: Networked Game
Charron, Lucas J
Magina, Craig Robert
Rodriguez, Daniel F
Portfolio Manager
Janega, Michael
Pramuka, Chris
Smith, Brendan Lucas
Stasio, Joseph Phil?
Stuart, Nigel Shawn
McCarthy, Christopher
Sea Biscuit - Horse Racing
Costa, Salvatore E
Moquia, Alexis A
Murphy, Paul Francis
Roach, Andrew Dennis
Tricco, Edward


2004 Group Projects (Comp565)

Staffing Shifts for Store

Charles, George Ryan, 
Kostanski, Michael
Churchill, Jeffrey Mic

Truck Fleet Manager

Neri, Alves Julio
Tucker, Owen Thurston
Silveira, Valerie Erik

Urban League of Eastern Massachusetts

Bartomeli, Nick Arthur
Tengtrakool, Winai Vin
Robinson, Timothy John
Lagasse, Karl Michael

OnLine Space Shooter

Olusanya, Oluwaseun S
Tremper, Thomas Jason
Andrews, Michael

Multiplayer Rubiks Cube

Dahmer, Jonathan Rober
Duffy, Ryan M
Orlik, Leonid
Gavrilyuk, Pavel G

Specialty Car Parts Inventory

Constant, Nicholas Gle
Dang, Dang Khoa
Van Eron, George Paul

Multiplayer PacMan

Creati, Michael John
Halton, Morgan M
Carley, Jason

Group Projects - Spring 2003

Home Automation Software for Handheld Devices - Java enabled handheld devices such as cellular phones and PDA's are used to monitor and control home electronic devices.    Rick Grundy, Erik Olivenza, Nick Spagnuolo

Multiple Restaurant Order Taking and Delivery System - Customers can order on-line from one or several restaurants located in a food court or collaborative.  Orders are batched for efficient delivery.   Ydenyse Sosa, Chris Weeden, Adam Monteiro

Computer Center Inventory Software - An inventory specialized to the needs of a computer center.  It will track software licenses and hardware warrantees.  Corey Boulet, James Mwihia, Cam Tran, Patrick Akan

Client/Server Courseware - Distance classroom management functions such as text communication, white board, messaging, etc.  It will be built using a client/server platform rather than a web-based platform for increased speed.  Jacob Tabor, Roberto Coviello, Brian Merrill, Justin Cook, Adam Asklar

Urban League of Eastern Massachusetts Inc. - A real project to serve multiple database and web interfacing needs at the non-profit Urban League.  This project is being undertaken with full support and cooperation from Urban League administrators with the expectation that it will be deployed as their major computer application.  Back-End database design and support will be done by Professor MacLean's database students.  Bart Akeley, Greg Hoole, Chun (David) Chu, Matt Keene, Derick Yu, Joe Scaff

Tutor Scheduling System - Will allow tutors to enter available time slots and skills into the system, and students to select tutoring services.  This system will be suitable for use by a college learning center employing peer-based tutoring such as Wentworth's.   Gianni Evangelista, Marco Lucas, Rich Desimone, Surujnath Maharaj, Greg Kaczkowski

Adventure Game Tool Kit - A wizard for creating role-playing adventure games based on the user's answering a series of questions and supplying characters and images.  Paul Charles, Justin Rich, Tim Chadwick

Parking Permit Tracking System - A system to control the issuance and management of parking permits.  It is being developed with input from Wentworth's director of public safety.   Patrick Angland, James Currie, Mathew MacDonald, Andrew Tricco

Your-Story/Choose your adventure game - A project to educate children aged 4 - 12 by engaging them in writing a fantasy story and posing problems for the to solve along the way.  Chau Nguyen, Bob Wan, Nang Yen, Yongwoo Park

Battle Blocks 2003 - A multi-player weapons-based tetris game.  The backbone operations of managing players, the state of the board, etc. provided in the form of web services.  Javier Castillo, Steven Nicolaou, Franklin Reese, Joshua Selinger




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