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Professor Michael Werner - Wentworth Institute of Technology


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tComputer Security Fundamentals:1/e
© 2006 | ISBN: 0131711296
Chuck Easttom

Textbook web site:



Cryptography and Network Security:4/e
© 2006 | ISBN: 0131873164 William Stallings

Network Security Essentials:3/e
© 2007 | ISBN: 0132380331 William Stallings

Introduction to Computer Security, Matt Bishop, ISBN: 0-321-24744-2, Addison Wesley
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Class Notes

Here are some interesting web sites on security:

Privacy in Telecommunications

To Catch a Thief: Digital Forensics in Storage Networks

Child Pornography Laws and Cases


Chapter 1

·  The Computer Emergency Response Team site; a respected security resource

·  The Microsoft Security Advisor Web site, with Microsoft-specific security information

·  F-Secure Corporation for virus information

·  SANS Institute Web site for security-related documents

Chapter 2

·, an Internet Encyclopedia; Domain Name Service DNS topic

· A DNS resource directory; DNS overview and general references

· Site containing information on web site and server management; What is DNS? topic.

Chapter 3

·  The Netcraft Web site, with information about Web servers

·  The Visualware Web site; it performs a visual trace route on a Web site

·  A site providing IP registration information

·  The site where the NetCop download can be found

·  The Web site for NetBrute, a port scanner that does more than simply scan for open ports; it also gives you additional information

·  A Web site that provides a list of SATAN download sites

·         Social engineering Web sites:


·         List of port numbers Web sites:


·         Common search engines for further information:

Chapter 4

·  A page from the SANS site titled Help Defeat Denial of Service Attacks: Step-by-Step

Chapter 5

·  Virus news and information from the F-Secure Corporation

·  Virus information from the CERT® Coordination Center of Carnegie-Mellon University, a reporting center for Internet security problems

·  Information and advice on security threats from Symantic Security Response

·  Information on malware, adware, and spam from the Counterexploitation site

·  Information on spyware and adware, product reviews, and privacy tips from the SpywareGuide site

· Spy Sweeper software from Webroot Software, Inc.

· Spy Killer software from TrustSoft Inc.

· Spector Pro Internet monitoring and reporting software from the SpectorSoft Corporation

Chapter 6

·  Linksys networking products

·  A home PC firewall guide

·  A guide to broadband security

·  Firestarter: A free packet-filtering application for Linux

·  Security products from Symantec

·  McAfee Internet security products

·  Outpost firewall

·  Teros offers an application gateway specifically tailored for Web servers

·  Firebox hardware from Watchguard Technologies

·  Wolverine is a robust commercial firewall solution for Linux

·  Microsoft security support for home users

·  the National Security Agency has a Web site with a number of specific network security guides

·  the Center for Internet Security offers a number of security guides and benchmarks

·  The SANS Institute has a number of sample policies you can download and modify or use

·  Windows 2000 security templates

·  Microsoft Exchange Server templates

·  A collection of Windows security templates

·  Cisco router security

·  Information on firewalls and perimeter protection

Chapter 7

·         Cryptography history resources — The Stanford University History of Cryptography Web site provides an overview of cryptography and why it is necessary. — This site features a brief history of cryptography from, a University of Dayton Law School Web site


·         Fraudulent Encryption Methods — Snake Oil Warning Signs: Encryption Software to Avoid article (Curtin, 1998) provides some basic encryption information and tips on how to spot illegitimate or substandard encryption software.


Chapter 8


·         Cyber crime resources  Department of Justice Web site on cyber stalking  Web site of the University of Dayton School of Law devoted to cyber crime  Check your credit rating  Download Netscape Navigator for free  The Halt Online Abuse Web site

Chapter 9

·         Data value resources  The CERT Web site offers a useful worksheet you can use to itemize the assets in your organization. This link is to the actual document in PDF format.


·         Drive encryption resources  Navastream provides security and encryption services and software.  SafeHouse from PC Dynamics, Inc. provides encryption software for desktop and notebook computers.

Chapter 10

·         Cyber terrorism resources  The Web site of Sinn Féin, the Irish Republican group that seeks to end British rule in Ireland

Chapter 11

·         General search resources   a popular site often used for “people searches”  a site providing addresses and phone numbers from around the world


·         Other name, phone number, and address lookup sites


·         Court records and criminal checks  an exhaustive FBI list of individual online state sex offender registries  Texas Department of Public Safety public criminal records and sex offender registries  Oklahoma court records site  National Center for State Courts Web site, providing links to state judicial branches  list of all federal court Web sites in the United States.


·         Other Web sites that should help you start your search for court records:  free public records finder  PACER Service Center is the Federal Judiciary's registration, billing, and technical support center for electronic access to U.S. District, Bankruptcy, and Appellate court records  court records search sites  National Center for State Courts clearinghouse for public access to state court records  prison inmates search from the Ancestor Hunt genealogy search site  prison records from the Federal Bureau of Prisons  free public records directory


Chapter 12

·         Firewall resources  outpost firewall software resource


·         Free firewall software resources


·         IDS sites  Snort can be downloaded for free






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