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Summer 2005


Comp 650 Senior Project


Instructor: Department Office:
Michael Werner, Ph.D. DOBBS 006
DOBBS 006 617-989-4272
wernerm@wit.edu   http://www.ProfessorWerner.com
Office Hours: Course Home Page:
Monday 11:45 - 12:35 http://www.wit.edu/academics/cs/courses/werner/comp650.html
Tuesday 2:00 - 2:30
Thursday 10:20 - 11:20 and by appointment.
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Course Description

This course provides the opportunity for students to participate in design and implementation of solutions to large problems with small groups of people.  Problems will be chosen in consultation with and after the approval of the curriculum department head.

Course Goals and Learning Objectives
To show mastery of computer science design and programming skills by applying them towards building a significant project.  The student will design and implement an individual project and present his/her work to the class.  Students will help each other by sharing specialized information and conducting peer reviews of designs and coding. 
Credit Hours 4
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10:30 AM 11:35 AM Wentw 308


Monday 8:00 AM 10:20 AM Dobbs 307


Tuesday 8:00 AM 10:20 AM Dobbs 307


Thursday 8:00 AM 10:20 AM Dobbs 307
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Senior status or permission of department head.

Students must have successfully completed the prerequisite(s) in order to take this course and receive an acceptable grade. Grades of "IC", "W", and "F" do not satisfy prerequisites nor does taking the prerequisites concurrent with the course. Prerequisites or written permission of the instructor will be withdrawn from the course.
Required Text
Suggested Readings
Attendance Policy
Regular attendance at every class is expected, and anyone who fails to meet this requirement may be requested to withdraw from Wentworth. In addition students with poor attendance may be withdrawn from the class with a grade of "WA". The attendance policies are more fully explained in the Wentworth Catalogue. You are responsible for all material given in class as well as in assigned readings.
As a requirement for this course each student will submit an original project to demonstrate his/her mastery of computer science areas taught at W.I.T.  Projects may be individual, or from 2-person teams.  It is expected that team projects will be larger. 

Programming projects demonstrate analysis, design and coding skills.  Recommended projects are original Java applets or stand-alone applications in C++, Java, or Visual Basic.  Projects implemented in other programming languages are acceptable with the instructor’s permission. 

Research projects may also be acceptable.  The topic must be of current interest to the computer science community.  A research paper must synthesize materials from several scholarly sources, which must be carefully cited.


Possible Project Areas for COMP650

·         Games

·         Accessibility Aids - These programs are meant to be used by people who have some sort of physical disability.  For example, a command-driven drawing program to be used by persons without the ability to use a mouse or keyboard.

·         Learning aids, intelligent tutoring systems

·         Utilities - Includes internet utilities such as ftp clients, search engines, file organizers, etc.

·         Web Tools - specialized browsers, spiders, auction software, site testers

·         Programs that run on PDA's, palm pilots, embedded systems, etc.

·         Graphics converters and manipulators.

·         Workplace tools to be used by various building contractors, truck drivers, security personnel, medical workers, etc.

·         Screen savers, virtual pets, etc.

·         Puzzles

·         Strategies for game playing

·         Simulations

Project Approvals: All projects must be pre-approved by the instructor



Projects represent original work by the students involved.  However, it is acceptable to enhance and improve upon a project already done.  In this case, you must carefully document the source, including giving a URL if it is available on the WWW.  You must then make the case that you will improve on the existing project in new and original ways.  

In your report, you must carefully distinguish between your own words, and those of others.  Use quotation marks or indentation and cite the source of any quotes.  Give all references. 

 Misrepresenting someone else’s words or code as your own is grounds for failure in this course.

Project Deliverables

Project deliverables will be in 5 phases: 

1)         May 21- Project proposal - a short description of what the program will do.  You may need to make the case that it is original, for example, if it is similar to a program you have seen or done before.  You will have to describe the enhancements you plan to make which will make it original.  Your proposal should include URL's of similar projects available on the WWW to show that you have researched what is available. 

2)         Jun 6 - Requirements definition

 3)                  June 20- Object-Oriented Design

 4)         July 11 - A working prototype - You should be able to run a program incorporating a portion of the final project. 

5)         Aug 8 - Completed project.

Grading and Student Evaluation System
Grades will be determined approximately as follows:

         1) Project proposal, requirements and design documents:  20%

         2) Project presentation on student web pages:   10%

         3) Oral presentations:   10%

         4) Project originality, usefulness, and skill in implementation:  60%

Project Submission

Each student is required to establish a home page, and a senior project page linked from it.  You may use the WIT public server, or your own ISP.  However, you must commit to having the projects on display for at least 12 months.

 The course home page: http://www.wit.edu/academics/cs/courses/werner/comp650.html will have links to all the projects. 

 Your project page will have links to all documents associated with the project, including an overview, the proposal, the requirements study, the design, and the finished source code.  If you project is an applet, it can be launched from this page.  If your project results in an executable file, then provide it for downloading, and include a README.

 Research projects will, of course include the finished paper.  You must also have an abstract in HTML form, and a separate file of references.  References to sources on the WWW should be links.


 Each student will also make oral presentations of his/her project for all 5 phases.