Sustainable Options

There are a few different scenarios that cork can be used in;

·      Underlayment

·      Tile

·      Floating Floor Plank


         Large cork sheets and rolls of cork are used to provide acoustic insulation beneath other surface flooring material.  It can be installed as a base under hardwoods, different types of tile, carpet, and laminate.

Tiles from: Natural Cork

Cork Tiles

         Cork tiles are available in different sizes, patterns, colors, and finishes and can be used in any project ranging from the household kitchen to the corporate office.  The tiles are glued to the sub-floor with a non-toxic water based cement.  The tiles can also be used a wall finishes, making it a very versatile product.

Floating Floor Plank

         The floating floor is one that is not attached to the sub-floor.  Each plank is held in place by the ones next to it, this allows the floor to function as a single unit instead of a series of pieces.  The floating floor plank has a center core tongue and groove layer, which allows each plank to be attached to the next one.  Since each piece functions as a whole together, no adhesive is needed to attach the system to the sub-floor.

Image by Expanko, Inc.