Open House, Thursday, March 28th

at The Manufacturing Center, Williston Hall

Open from noon until 5:00pm

All faculty, staff and guests are invited to drop by the new facility to check out the equipment and processes available to all students in all curriculums. SME Student Chapter members will be at the various machines with demonstration parts. You can see part process simulations, machining centers, rapid prototyping, and welding. There will even be a metal pour in the foundry at 3:00pm (space limited).

A special invitation is extended to all local SME members. We hope to see visitors from the Boston Senior Chapter, and students from the Boston University Student Chapter.


Spring, 2013 Activities


Please attend the first meeting: Monday, January 14th at 4:00pm in the Manufacturing Center. An agenda item will be programming. Here are a couple of ideas:

         Student Open Lab Day: Invite students that did not get a chance as freshman to participate in foundry or welding activities to come into the lab and try their hand at it.

         Faculty/Staff Open House: many have not yet seen the new facility. Id like to have a SME member stationed at every machine with a demonstration available for those interested in what is going on in our new digs.

         Design contest for the plasma cutter. This equipment is much underutilized. I am hoping that by showcasing its abilities we can get it into the curriculum.

Please mark your calendars for the day.


Fall, 2012 Activities


Factory Five Plant Tour: November 10th. This has limited space (14 seats). Please RSVP through the SME/OrgSynch link. Thank you to William Powers for putting this together.



This factory has extensive automated systems and robotics involved in their manufacturing processes. If you like manufacturing and cars, here is the perfect place to see both.



Summer, 2012


Please congratulate our newest Certified Manufacturing Technologists, CMfgT.


Andrew Beale

Graham Butler

Robert Cascio

Jeffrey Clark

Alexander Cote

Chad Crumley

Christopher Delude

Aaron Dube

Josh Eaton

William Flaherty

Jessica Forster

Christopher Gibson

Paul Gibbons-Neff

Michael Horan

Patrick Johnson

Jacob Menard

Joesph Usenia



These students passed our August 1st Fundamentals of Manufacturing exam. Our next attempt will be around Thanksgiving. Watch this space for details



Methods Machine Tools has invited the SME student section to their open house. June 15 is specifically set aside for students interested in the machine tool field. Bring your resume. Please join us attending:

Metal Storm




Rapid Prototyping with Objet Technology


The SME student section is sponsoring Lisa Griffin from CADD EDGE. Lisas presentation on Rapid Prototyping will be held in our Manufacturing Center from noon until 2:00pm on Tuesday, June 26th


Certification Exam

The Advanced Manufacturing Topics students will be taking the Fundamentals of Manufacturing Exam as part of their coursework this summer. The exam leads to the Certified Manufacturing Engineering Technologist credential. The exam date and time has been set to:

5:30 8:30pm on Wednesday August 1, 2012. The room assignment is being worked on.








Spring, 2012

Congratulations: To Daniel Jordan, CMfgT, our chapters newest Certified Manufacturing Engineering Technologist. Daniel took the Fundamentals of Manufacturing Exam in place of the final exam in the MANF305 Computer Aided Manufacturing Course. Now he will be able to take the Certified Manufacturing Engineering exam 2 years after beginning work upon graduation.

Tour of Spire Corporation

Members of the SME and IEEE student chapters joined with the Boston Senior Chapter of SME to tour Spire Corp. on February 2, 2012.

Watch this page for future activities.


Fall, 2011: First Semester in the New
Manufacturing Center

For a look at student projects completed in the CAM class this fall check out the Laboratory Groups links near the bottom of the syllabus for the course. There is some real nice work in there.

Students taking the CAM course are offered the option to take the Fundamentals of Manufacturing exam leading to certification as a manufacturing technologist. We have 3 new CMfgTs:

1.       Ethan Ananny

2.       Patrick Butler

3.       Kenny Curran

PAGE ONE: Boston Globe

Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: cid:image001.jpg@01CCB3F5.082873D0

SME members Kenny Curran, CMfgT (on left) and Alex Schwarzkopf appeared on the front page of the Boston Globe Tuesday, December 6, 2011. Heres the link to the complete article.


October, 2011, 7 members of the student chapter join with the Boston Senior chapter for dinner and a tour of the Charles River Museum of Industry and Innovation. There is a very impressive piece of work from Wentworth Institute of Technology on prominent display in the Museum. Check them out.



Welcome Back: News from Summer-11

We have 12 new Certified Manufacturing Technologists: CMfgTs

Timothy Barrett

Eric Crouch

Rod Cameron

Jennifer DeMarco

Francis Elder

Daniel Fairbank

Danielle Fontaine

Kyle Gautreau

Seth Gray

Chris Guilherme

Marc Okrent

Chris Plasse


The next Manufacturing Fundamentals exam date is tentatively set for: Wednesday, November 30. Please consider studying with us to add this prestigious credential (Yourname, CMfgT) while you are still an undergraduate. It will separate you from others when applying for co-op positions now and jobs at graduation. You will also be eligible to take the Certified Manufacturing Engineering Exam (CMfgE) after 2 years of job experience.


Check out the new Manufacturing Center

The Center has all new equipment including:

         6 ProtoTRAK SMX knee mills, operable both manually or as full 3-axis CNC machines

         TRK DPM CNC bed mill with 2 Z travel

         6 TRAK TRL SLX CNC lathes, that can be operated manually, with constant velocity spindles

         ProtoTRAK LPM 20 tool machining center, with a fourth axis spindle

         Feeler VMP580 24 tool 4 axis high speed machining center with a Fanuc-01 controller

         Stratasys Dimensions Desktop FDM prototype printer

         Objet24 Desktop plastic spray type prototype printer

         Z-Corp powder processing prototype printer

         6 Miller-Matic flux-core welders, 3 with aluminum welding capability, all on downdraft tables

         Miller Dynasty portable TIG/stick welder

         Miller Spectrum handheld plasma torch

         4x4 TorchMate CNC plasma table

         Fabrication equipment including: 52 12ga. hydraulic shear, 45 ton iron worker, vertical and horizontal band saws, brakes, punches and notchers

         A full functioning and refurbished foundry equipped with 9 stations to pour aluminum



From the Spring-11 Semester


Check out the video of Brittany Speroni (BMET-2012)on EASTEC TV She is seen moderating the presentation sessions, and introducing the speakers, as well as being interviewed. Click on the Thursday headlines on the right side, and skip ahead to about 3 minutes into the interview.

A dozen SME student members attended SMEs largest event on the East Coast: the EASTEC Machine Tool show.


Robotics Contest Medal Winners

Please take a moment to congratulate:

         Mackenzie Higgens

         Mark Horn

         Trent Joubert-Clements

         Mark Piontkowski

         Alexander Schwarzkopf


These SME standout students took the silver and bronze in their category at the SME Education Foundation National Robotics Competition in Marion Ohio.

View pictures of the preparation

From Left: Trent, Mark P., Pete, Alex, Mark H., and Mackenzie. The team Joubert-Clements, Piontkowski machine is shown on the left, and the Team Higgens, Horn, Schwarzkopf machine on the right.


More pictures




Spring, 2010

The RAP-MAN Project:

The student group, led by Mark Horn, has constructed a Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) rapid prototyping machine. See it on display in the Manufacturing Center.

More Pictures


Fall, 2009

Tyco Electronics Factory Tour Monday November 8

Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: C:\Users\rourkep\Documents\SME\past_events\fall-2010\Tyco Electronics.jpg

The trip to Tyco was a huge success. Thanks again to Bob Vozzella for showing us around. You really have to check out the tour pictures


Spring, 2008

Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: C:\Users\rourkep\Documents\SME\past_events\fishing05\100_1363.JPG

It's that time of year again!

The Society of Manufacturing Engineers annual fishing trip will take place on April 26th, 2008
We will have a 20 person boat leaving out of Gloucester.

Vans will leave Wentworth early Saturday morning, sometime around 6am, and return to Wentworth in the early evening. It is a cost of $35.00 per person including the boat, all necessary fishing equipment, and vans. Checks payable to 'Wentworth' will begin to be collected at 2:00pm, next Tuesday, 2/19, at the SME meeting in the Automated Manufacturing Laboratory, Rubenstein 101.  You must fill out waiver a form (linked below) and bring that with you to the meeting with a check to reserve a spot. If you are not able to make the meeting but want to attend the event please contact myself at or Chris Lochner at to setup a time to meet. The boat will fill on a first come first serve basis. There is much interest in this event and the boat will fill, so I encourage everyone that wants to go to attend the meeting this Tuesday with check and waiver form in hand.

I hope to see you all there.

Chris Scully, CMfgT
Wentworth Institute of Technology
Society of Manufacturing Engineers

Pictures from a previous trip


Spring, 2007

 The Boston Chapter is pleased present a Plant Tour of
Foster Miller and the Talon Robot
Tuesday, March 6, 2007 at 6:00 pm


Check with Prof. Rourke for details

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Fall, 2006

The Boston Chapter is pleased present a
Tuesday, December 5, 2006 at 6:00 pm

See laser drilling, cutting, welding, and marking machines in action

Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: C:\Users\rourkep\Documents\SME\past_events\laser_inc1.jpg

We will meet at LSI in Westford, enjoy some light refreshments graciously offered by LSI, then tour the facility and see laser processing in action.  Afterwards, we will move to a local restaurant for dinner for those who are so inclined.

  • See how LSI used the principles of lean to compete against foreign job shops
  • Hear how LSI implemented an advanced MRP system
  • Learn how LSI earned ISO/AS9100 registration

LSI is easy to get to at 123 Oak Hill Road, Westford, MA


Spring, 2006

Factory Five Racing, April, 2006

Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: C:\Users\rourkep\Documents\SME\past_events\factory5\ffrmain10.jpg

Check out the pictures and burn-out video from our tour of Factory Five in Wareham, MA

Burn out video



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