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Fall, 2015


The Student Section of SME

presents a


Meet the Manufacturing Professional Evening


Thursday, November 12, 2015, 6:30 – 8:00
Beatty Commons Room (rear section of the Cafeteria)


Miriam Dennis

Quality Assurance Director

CoolGear Inc.

Jeff Stolz

Manufacturing Manager
Raytheon Company


Brittany Speroni

BMET, 2012

Automation Engineer

Methods Machine Tool

Chris Moffatt

BMAC, 1997

Manufacturing Engineering Manager

Harmonic Drive, LLC


Michael Pasciuto


Custom Machine


Steve Piche

BMAT, 2004

Manufacturing Engineer

Electromechanica Inc.


Robert Vozzella

BMAT, 1998

Manufacturing Manager

Tyco Electronics


Kevin Collins

BMAT, 1985

Manufacturing Engineer

Collins Manufacturing

John Steeves

BMAT, 1993

Quality Assurance Manager

C&M Machine Products

Timothy Williams

BELM, 2013

Manufacturing Engineer




Pamela Mudge

BSEN, 2016

Co-op Student

Wentworth Institute of Technology



Jay Biery

BMET, 2001

Manufacturing Engineer

Biery Engineering

Magnetic Technologies


If you are curious about what a Manufacturing Engineer does at work, and want to learn more about career opportunities in Manufacturing:


Please join us as we welcome to campus a dozen professionals working in manufacturing.  The experience levels range from an upper classman that has done extensive co-op work in the field (and traveled abroad as part of her program) to some with a long, impressive track record.  They will all be at individual tables in the Commons room at the rear of the cafeteria.  Be sure to visit them all to get a good perspective of the opportunities that await you.


Please sign up for the event through our EventBrite link so we know you’re coming



Summer, 2015


30 under 30:  Brittany Speroni

Please check out the “30 under 30”article highlighting the careers of young practicing manufacturing engineers in the July issue of Manufacturing Engineering.  It has a terrific article about Brittany Speroni, former chapter officer of S007, and graduate of the BMET program in 2012.  The article can also be seen electronically at: www.sme.org/speroni

Results of the Summer Certification Exam:  Please congratulate our newest Certified Manufacturing Technologists:


Rami Akouri

Graham Cochrane

Jayson DiPietro

Brian Donnell

Mohammad Fareen

Nick Gagne

Isabella Grassetti

Eric Mammone

Nihar Patel

Joe Piggott

Alvin Yen

Abass Yunusah

Juan Gracia

Nick Conklin

Joe Illanes

Billy Ortiz

Shiv Patel

Andrew Powers

Nick Scalia

Jonathan Silva

Austin Speer

Mathew Sullivan

Andrew Volpe

Connor Walsh


Spring, 2015


EASTEC 2015 is Here!

This is a great opportunity to see the most current trends in Manufacturing.  Check out the link above, and search the SME website for more information.


Results of the Spring Certification Exam:  Please congratulate our newest Certified Manufacturing Technologists:


Thomas Andrews

Dylan Bryant

Timothy DelSignore

Robert Drinkwater

William Forsling

Chris Giosa

Alexander Kriger

John Kugler

Max Mahan

Nicholas Miller

Jonathan Nadreau

Tyler Nutting

Nirav Patel

Oliver Tran




Tuesday is SME meeting Night:  We Look GOOD!



Fall, 2014

CMfgT Exam: Our Newest Certified Manufacturers

Ryan Bakinowski

Zachary Cariveau

Linda Chen

Brett Debenedictis

James Everson

Joseph Ivil

Carmelo Locurto

Gabriel Lozano

Christopher Newell

Kersten Rapp

Benjamin Van Etta



Semester Abroad: Pamela Mudge, BSEN

Following is part of a message I recently received from Pamela regarding registration for next semester.  She, and Tim Bouchard (Edinburg) are our overseas ambassadors of manufacturing:


I'll attach a few pictures of some hikes I've been on and one picture is from a project class where we went to a glacier to test out some avalanche equipment, some pretty cool stuff! Also a picture of CERN, the largest particle accelerator in Geneva, and a castle!


Hope all is well back in Boston,



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cid:image004.jpg@01CFF993.8110BBE0  cid:image005.jpg@01CFF993.8110BBE0

Pamela Mudge

We will see if we can get Pamela to address the SME section to tell us about her travels, and perhaps give us some hints on how to work with advisors and administrators to arrange a semester abroad.  This is an opportunity that you should not pass up.


Please consider attending the Manufacturing Forum:  You are the “well qualified talent” spoken of!!!



In addition to the companies listed, we are inviting a number of practicing manufacturing engineers and WIT alumni that are in the field.  It’s a good opportunity to network, get insight into career offerings in manufacturing, and hear from industry leaders.

To register:



Summer, 2014

The CMfgT Test Results are in:

Highest Pass Rate Ever at the Institute

A very hardworking, diligent group of students in the summer section of our Manufacturing Engineering course (manf605) put their collective noses to the grindstone and managed to pass the very challenging Fundamentals of Manufacturing exam provided to SME members.  Please congratulate our newest CMfgT’s:


John N. Banwell

Richard J. Cammarata

Victoria A. Cataldo

Kayla A. Condonellis

Justin D. Estano

Jacob A. Evans

Jeffrey M. Guilherme

Taylor Rosenblum

Michael A. Vankevich

Matthew Monteiro

Tyler C. Olynciw

Kevin X. Perez

Joshua E. Rice

Reed Rushing

Jacob Saxton

Ryan Purington

Matt Roberts


Simon Elias Castillo Pinzon

Kelley B. Coates

Thomas A. Conley

Cameron M. Fogarty

Kenneth S. Frazier

Andrew C. Holt

Mary Horgan

Darcie N. Jacobson

Louis D. Mawson




Factory Tour:

28 SME students in the Manufacturing Engineering course, along with 11 EE students toured the Methods Machine Tool Open House.  We got to visit with many of our past graduates, including Brittany Speroni, BMET, 2012, who is featured in this month’s alumni magazine.  She took a great “robo-cam” video of her latest robotic cell application.  It is on the manufacturing drive, and worth watching.  Following is a blurb taken from the press release by MMT:

Metal Storm 2014 featured over 50 machines under power, including 15 new systems that were rolled out, some of them making their North American debut at the event. Attendees saw live demonstrations on machines such as the new YASDA Precision Machining Centers, new KIWA-Japan Horizontal Machining Centers, Nakamura-Tome Multitasking Turning Centers, FEELER High Performance Milling and Turning Centers, FANUC RoboDrill 5-Axis Vertical Machining Centers, FANUC Wire EDM Machines, Current EDM Drilling Machines and Vision-Gauge Digital Optical Comparators.




Spring, 2014 Activities:


EPIC-GE Project

Students from SME joined in the competition with seniors taking the Manufacturing Engineering course to improve the manufacturing processes used in the production of a vital (and very challenging) GE-Aviation jet engine component.  Those that competed were then treated to an extensive tour of the GE assembly plant and Museum in Lynn, MA.  Please check out the full article in the News@WIT publication.


From Left: Dr. Pantic, Dan Sussman, Austin Speer, Fabian Torres, Peter Walsh, and Siobhan Galloway.


Certification News: 03/26/2014

Please congratulate our newest Certified Manufacturing Engineering Technologists, CMfgT’s all:


Mike Balzotti

Brian Boudreau

Matthew DeMinico

Matthew Keith

Alex Messina

Dominique Wilson


These students passed the Fundamentals of Manufacturing Exam qualifying them as Certified Manufacturing Technologists (CMfgT).  They are eligible to take the Certified Manufacturing Engineering (CMfgE) Exam after 3 years of work in the field.  For more information on how to take the exam here at WIT please contact Prof. Rourke: rourkep@wit.edu



Fall, 2013 Activities


The Student Section of SME

presents a


Meet the Manufacturing Engineer Evening


Monday, November 18, 2013, 6:30 – 8:00
Beatty 426


Sylvia Price

BMAT, 1989

Board of Trustees

Director, Presales Solutions,

Pitney Bowes

Brian Jones

BMAT, 1995

Manufacturing Engineer

Bose Corp.

Emerging Business division



Chris Moffatt

BMAT, 1997

Senior Manufacturing Engineer

Harmonic Drive, LLC

Brittany Speroni

BMET, 2012

Automation Engineer

Methods Machine Tool

Jay Biery

BMET, 2001

Manufacturing Engineer
Biery Engineering


Emilio Eramo

BMET, 2001

Technical Senior Mechanical Designer

GE Aviation

Brian Melo

BMET, 2010



Material/Process Engineer

Generator Manufacturing

General Electric, Energy




Bernadette Camara

BMAT, 2003


Manufacturing Process Engineer

Johnson and Johnson




Mike Pasciuto


Custom Machine




Summer 2013:  Newest WIT section S007
Certified Manufacturing Technologists: CMfgT


Kellen Blake

Matthew Flaherty

Mike Hartmann

Paulina Leech

Chris MacCready

Tom Quinlan

Joe Plasse

Marcin Slaczka

Phil Trapasso

Cam Washak

Cole Woiszwillo



These students passed the Fundamentals of Manufacturing Exam qualifying them as Certified Manufacturing Technologists (CMfgT).  They are eligible to take the Certified Manufacturing Engineering (CMfgE) Exam after 3 years of work in the field.  For more information on how to take the exam here at WIT please contact Prof. Rourke: rourkep@wit.edu



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SME Annual Conference: Baltimore 2013

Renaissance Harborplace Hotel

From June2-4, William Powers and Ajai Depina attended the first SME conference for Wentworth. Over three days they went to various talks and presentations regarding manufacturing and its future in the world, while also meeting many contacts in their respective parts of the industry. Previously referred to as “Society of Manufacturing Engineering”, the organization changed its name to just “SME”. The vision, mission, and purpose statements were also changed to guide SME in a better and more relevant direction. All of these alterations were done to adapt to the fast paced and changing world we live in. Please visit sme.org to see the changes and what the new SME is all about.



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