Peter S. Rourke, CMfgE

Associate Professor

Wentworth Institute of Technology

Mechanical Engineering and Technology 617 989 4224

office location: Manufacturing Center



Course Schedule

Courses Taught


Spring, 2017

Computer Aided Manufacturing

Summer, 2017

Summer, 2017

Introduction to CAD/CAM

Spring, 2017

Fall, 2016

Manufacturing Engineering

Summer, 2017


Manufacturing Processes

Spring, 2016

Work-study schedule

Strength of Materials

Spring, 2014


Material Science

Summer, 2015

Manufacturing Minor

Engineering Design

Spring, 2015



Academic Advising

Letter-of-Reference Requirements

BSME Tracking Sheets:






WIT 3-D printing site (note: use your WIT email address as your username, then your password)

Academic Advising Site




Institute Service

        Crystal Growth in a Cu-Al Alloy
National Educators Workshop
November, 2008

        Numerical Control Programming
American Society of Engineering Educators, Northeast Conference, April, 2010






Industrial Contacts


Kevin Collins, Manufacturing Engineer

Collins Manufacturing Inc.


Chris Moffat, Manufacturing Engineer

Harmonic Drives LLC.


Scott Houle, Welding Engineer

Steel-Fab, Inc


Professional Affiliation


        SME Boston Section 033

        Wentworth SME Student Chapter, S007

SME Certified Manufacturing Engineer, #4200205

Member #2064798