About Me

Hi, my name is Justin Rivera, and I am a graduating senior at Wentworth Institute of Technology studying Applied Mathematics.
I have spent much of my academic career planning on going to graduate school, but I have decided to go into industry. I am ready to envelop myself in a new environnment, and eager to learn new things. I am open to working in any quantitative field. I am a highly enthusistic and optimistic person. I love meeting new people, collaboration, and difficult problems. I am very intellectually curious, and have a deep passion for personal developement and success. I am sure my ability to learn quickly, and uplifting personality will make me a great addition to any team! Besides math I am a big MMA fan, avid weight lifter, snowboarding enthusiest, and absolute lover of video games. If you want to see what I have been up to check out my resume!

Mathematical Research Interests

Geometry, Analysis, PDE's, Group Theory, Mathematical physics.

Selected Work

MSRI-UP, Summer 2016

MSRI-UP Final paper
MSRI-UP Final beamer presentation
MSRI-UP Poster

NCSU REU, Summer 2015

NCSU REU Final paper
NCSU REU Final beamer presentation

Research from WIT

Varied Factor Ordering in 2-D Quantum Gravity and Sturm-Liouville Thoery (EGM talk Spring 2016)
The Weak Formulation of a Perturbed Scalar φ4 Theory (Senior Thesis Fall 2015)
Solutions to Shrödinger's Equation for Varied Factor Ordering of the Hamiltonian for 2D Gravity (APS talk Fall 2014)


If you have questions about anything you can email me at riveraj3@wit.edu. I'd be happy to chat!