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Elec667 Lab 1 Generating a Nios II Processor in Quartus II  Addenum: Working with Qsys

Elec667 Lab 2 Eclipse—Writing C code for the Nios II processor  Addenum: Lab2Qsys Hardware Error

Elec667 Lab 3 Hardware Development Tutorial

Elec667 Lab 4 Binary Count with 7-segment displays

Elec667 Lab 5 Adding external memory--SDRAM

Elec667 Lab 6 Using the DE2 Liquid Crystal Display

Elec667 Lab 7 Creating a System Design


Reference material:


Prof Hamblen’s Student Resources for DE2

DE2 User Manual     

Nios II Hardware Development Tutorial 

Nios II Software Tutorial—Chapter 2

Assigning pins by importing pin assignments

Memory Chips on the DE2 board

Optrex 16207 LCD Controller Core

Altera University Program IP cores 

ELF hardware problem solution