What should you include in a lab for Elec 667?


Elec667 01/02 Advanced Programmable Logic

Today’s Date

Your Name (individual lab requirement in this class)

Purpose of Lab: 25 word statement of the lab purpose as you understand it.

Key Screen Shots for hardware: IP core content, reports generated (watch windows or registers), compilation report, top-level design view, pin outs, software code, BSP (board support package) and any other view that could shed light on what occurred during the design especially error messages and text outputs.

Key screen shots for software: There are oodles and oodles of screen shots here that can be helpful in showing/documenting what it is that you did.  When you copy the screen shots, dropping the image into Paint can help crop the photo so specific portions of code can be zoomed in on or circled using Paint features.  You can also use the Snipping tool. 

Captions: All screen shots should have captions (right-click on an image then select caption).  These captions are useful in referring to what occurred or was fixed in your text narrative.  Include the Figure number when using a caption so it is clear which figure your narrative is referring to.

Comments/documentation: General statement of the design outcome (was it successful), what occurred otherwise; and how you cleared problems.  If you or your team helped someone else clear a problem, mention what their problem was and how you fixed it or suggestions offered.   Reference tutorials/pdf/web sites that may have assisted you in your diagnosis of any problem.

Design hiccups: Always the highlight of a lab session.  Include (Part A) a description of the problem then (Part B) include what you tried to do to fix the problem with what worked and what didn’t. 

Conclusion: all lab report should have a conclusion that state whether or not you reached the lab objective and point to possible reasons for this results.

Length: 100 words minimum.  You should mention the sample code name.  You could describe how the code accomplishes its goal.  What steps you took to get the hardware to work.  What you did to modify the code and where changes were made.  Individual in a group should be credited with various ideas or state “we” meaning the team discussed a course of action with mention of alternative courses of action.  Mention who sat in the “driver’s” seat and who documented the activities of the team.  If there are two persons then two computers are open: one for the lab and one for the report.  The screen shots can be saved to a thumb drive for the report computer or sent to the other by email as the lab progresses.  Writing up of the lab should begin simultaneously with the beginning of the lab so that at the conclusion of the lab you only need a few minutes to draw up the conclusions.   When you walk out of the lab, the paperwork should be turned in.