Wentworth Institute of Technology

Elec 667 Advanced Programmable Logic

Homework Assignments




Assignment:  Please write up the difference between *.pof and *.sof files.  By differences I mean when is one file used as opposed to the other file type on the DE2 development board.  If you can find out what the abbreviations sof and pof stand for…that would be added to your vocabulary list.

 Hint: The answer is found in the DE2 User Manual.



Watch a video on multi-core processors from Altera at this link: http://www.altera.com/education/webcasts/videos/videos-5-reasons-mips-custom.html

1. Write up the five reasons they advance as motivation to use Quartus v11. 

2. What would this mean to you and your resume if you were able to build a multi-core design by the end of your senior year?

3. Who is Wind River

4. What is VxOS

5. Why is VxOS so useful? 

6. Find out what kind of jobs you could get if you knew what this entails.  



Homework #3 (to be completed in class July 11th)

1.       Before our extended summer break for the 4th of July, you were given an assignment…

a.       What was the goal of the assignment?

b.      What was your understanding of what was required of you by the time you returned to class July 11, 2011?

2.       What have you accomplished over this break in regard to this assignment?  Additional material can be attached.

3.       Were they any problems that you encounter that you may have documented (screen shot of the problem) and trial solutions.

4.       Are you prepared at this time to demonstrate a working full featured Nios II?


EXTRA Credit assignments (two possible)

Instructions for writing comments for TAC-ABET outcomes

There are two TAC-ABET outcomes for Elec667 known as outcome b and outcome n.   

 (b) An ability to apply current knowledge and adapt to emerging applications of mathematics, science, engineering and technology.

(n) The ability to analyze, design, and implement hardware and software computer systems.

You can pick either of the topics for a writing assignment that expresses your viewpoint as a student in this class.  The essay should be 500 words long and at the end insert a screen shot of the word count function (as seen below).  The best way to construction an essay for either of these topics is to take the outcome and rephrase it as a question addressed to you, for example:

1.       Did I gain current knowledge that would allow me to adapt to emerging applications of mathematics, science, engineering and technology?  This would require you to investigate what position in industry use FPGA and Quartus or similar software to program an application; the version number is an indication of current knowledge.   

2.       Do I have the ability to analyze, design, and implement hardware and software computer systems?  Again you’d have to investigate demand for hardware and software computer systems to assess if what you learned will help satisfy the need you discover. 

One sure-fire way to find out the demand is to look up ads asking for VHDL/Verilog programmers, SOPC skills, or embedded system programmers.  Then write up what you learned that appears to satisfy this need.