Wentworth Institute of Technology

Department of Electrical Engineering and Technology

Elec 667 Advanced Programmable Logic

Lab 7óThe Final Exam Project



Students are to complete a project that implements wholly or in part the Binary Count program using external memory on the DE2 Development Board.This project should incorporate a Tcl script for naming I/O pins.The success or failure of the project is not so much of interest as the documentation of the work that you undertook to complete this project.Your paper should include screen views of software events that illuminate clearly what paths you took to achieve the goal.The written descriptions are key to full understanding so expect that the paper should contain 1500 words.Due date is the day of the final exam period for this year (Iíll be in my office).All papers should be delivered by hand to Prof. Johnson and a copy sent to johnsont@wit.edu.This is so I can open your paper to inspect closely the screen views should that be necessary.The best way for you to obtain the 1500 words is to make the paper a dated narrative featuring details from your dealing with problems, what they were, why they occurred and how you attempted to solve them, reference works that you read, instructions you pattern your design after, and include advice when consulting with other student and the professor.You should clearly state what worked and what didnít.If during your design you were able to surmount problems it should again be clearly state how you achieve success; detail your work around.If you actually get the program to working you should arrange a demonstration with the professor.Trials of attempts should be documented in your paper.DE2 boards will be made available outside of classroom lab hours in Dobbs 219.Each student is required to author and turn in their own paper but there is no prohibition on working in teams or consulting with other students.