Making Shared Drives Visible

Window 8.0 instructions


Click on Win button and R at the same time to open the RUN test box

Type into the text box: \\wit.private\NETLOGON

After the screen opens up the folder showing you the programs and files available…

Click on student.bat and that will run a DOS script that allows your computer to see the shared drives.

Open the T drive (you may have expand the Computer arrow) to find the following folder:

Open Altera up to find 2 folders


Copy the Quartus v9.1 folder to your desktop for faster installation. 

Once that is finished open up the Quatus v9.1 follow to click on the install file which loads the software to do this task


To make a desktop icon; you can select that option during the installation.

Don’t brother enabling their talk back feature as Altera has moved onto more advanced version since v9.1 was created.


Clicking on the icon will start the program:


You are now ready to begin QLab #1 PartA