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Accessing your Myweb Space via Dreamweaver

Please Note: The following directions may not match exactly your Dreamweaver installation depending upon your version and platform.

Dreamweaver & MyWeb

When using Dreamweaver as your HTML editing and publishing software, you will maintain a local copy of your web site and upload files using the built-in FTP functions. You will set up your site on your local machine, set up the connection to your server space, create and edit your pages, and publish.


  1. Open Dreamweaver and choose New Site from the Site drop-down men.

    new site

  2. Name your site whatever you wish. This is just for identification on your local machine.
    In the Local Site Folder path replace "Untitled Site" with the name of your choice (again this is just what the local storage file is called. It doesn't affect your published site).

    name site


  1. Click on Servers at the left and fill in the screen as shown below. Make sure that wit\ preceeds your user name (that is a backslash after wit). When done, click Test and see if you connect successfully. If not, check your values again. When your test is successful, click Save, then Save again.

    server settings
  1. Your local site is now set up, ready for you to create files and upload them to your server space. If you are unfamiliar with Dreamweaver you will find the Help feature very useful for questions from the basics to more advanced. There are also many tutorials available online. Simply search on "Dreamweaver tutorial."


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