Wentworth Graphics                         



     Wentworth Graphics 


     Wentworth Institute of  Technology

               Boston, Massachusetts


    Graphical Programming in the electronics

               laboratories of WIT


       Students at Wentworth Institute use a fine array 

      of graphical programming languages and diagnostic

      hardware subject to software control.

          The principle language is Agilent Vee Pro, which

       is used widely in industry for automatic control

       of instrumentation. Other languages include 

       MatLab, PSPice, Simulink, Femlab, and Electronic


           Agilent Vee Pro is used not only for instrumentation,

       but for animation and illustration  of classical topics

       in mechanics, signal processing, and electromagnetics.

            Lolita  is a general interface for evaluation of analog  

       circuits which integrates all of the diagnostic power

       of the laboratory Hewlett Packard instrumentation

       suite with the superb control, processing,

       and display capabilities of Agilent Vee Pro.









    Agilent Vee Pro is used to control 

    instrumentation and to collect, process

    and display data. 



         FM Stereo Multiplex Transmitter


             UHF Duplex Modem




              Child Radio Fence




              Electrostatics I
Electrostatics II
                 Electrostatics III
                  Electrostatics IV 
                   Electrostatics V
                    Electrostatics VI
                     Electromagnetics I 
                      Celestial Mechanics
                       Electromagnetics II
                        Electromagnetics III  




                                Newton's Differentials


     Newton's conception of celestial motion 

     as the limit of differentials is illustrated

     and animated in Agilent Vee Pro 






                         Maxwell's Electromagnetic Field


                 Lines of force and equipotential 

       surfaces are drawn interactively 

       using Maxwell, written in Agilent Vee 






       To acquire graphical software   

      developed at Wentworth Institute 



     Wentworth Institute of  Technology



            .....   Maxwell ......


         draw electrostatic and

         electromagnetic fields in the

         language and notation of vector

         differential calculus



           .....   Newton  ......


         illustrate and animate Newton's

         axioms and Kepler's laws using

         Newton's original differentials.




           .....   Coax  ......


         illustrate and animate transmission

         and reflection of electromagnetic

         waves on transmission lines  



          .....   Fourier ......


         Compose waveforms of any

         complexity and illustrate and animate

         their behavior in  feedback control  

         systems and signal processing paths






                          Elmc 840 Finite Element Analysis

               Elec 470 Digital Applications

               Elec 565 Network Analysis

               Elec 415 Object Oriented Programming     

                          Elec 573 Waves and Transmissions   

                 Elec 585 Electromagnetics 

                 Elec 595 Digital Control and Systems  

                 Elec 510 Discrete Signals and Systems   

                 Elec 675 Digital Communication Systems 

                 Elec 610  Electronic Communication Systems 

                 Elec 625  Feedback Control Systems     




       Wentworth Graphics